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- Comes with ANY LIGHTSABER from our shop 
- 1/100 Chance to unbox an expensive replica! 

Neopixel Features 

Comes with: 

Infinite Blade Colors: different blade colors changeable at the press of a button (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Teal, Cyan, and more! 

Authentic Aircraft Aluminum: Each saber is made of a high grade, military issued air craft aluminum to give each DX SABER incredible durability and made to last! 

Sound effects: saber clashing and ignition, saber lock-up, blaster deflecting, character quotes, motion noises, and theme music from the movies! 

Dueling Ready: Tough, durable 2mm thick 32 inch polycarbonate blade able to withstand dueling against other saber blades and even cars! 

Smooth Swing: Realistic noises in response to motion. Our DX SABERS soundboards provide precise and controlled saber movement sounds. 

Motion gestures: You can rotate your wrist to turn the saber on and off and more! 

Pulse Blade: There are 4 different saber lighting effects to choose from: stable, unstable, semi stable, and ghost mode. 

Flash-on-clash: When two saber blades hit each other, a flash effect is produced

Volume Adjustment: Ability to adjust the volume level on your saber. A mute mode is included.

Lock-up Loop: This effect simulates two saber blades pressing against each other.

Rechargeable Battery: In-hilt recharge port without the need of ever replacing a battery (charger provided).

Lifetime Warranty: Free lifetime warranty that covers everything within reason on the lightsaber.  Warranty does transfer if DX SABER is given as a gift to another jedi or sith. 

22+ Pre-Installed Soundfonts: Sound board has 22 different soundfonts and blade lighting effects included in each. You can add your own soundfonts and blade lighting effects as well.

Neopixel LED Strip Blade: Includes an extremely bright 50-watt neopixel LED strip inside a polycarbonate blade.

Blade Lighting Effects: Color changing, tip drag, gesture ignition, blaster deflection, saber lock-up loop, flash-on-clash, stab, tip melt, rainbow, blade spin, neutral light, as well as stable and unstable colors.

Durable Blade: Tough and durable polycarbonate blade strong enough to withstand hard impact. 

Extended Battery: While most sabers utilize a 1200mAh battery, proffie 2.2 sabers contain a more powerful 3200mAh rechargeable battery.

Advanced Audio: Powered by high-quality speakers with a 2/3 watt & 4/8 ohm system.


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