ASSEMBLYTake the small bag with the L shaped allen key wrench and the very tiny fastening screws. There are small holes around the top of your lightsaber hilt (handle). Put your blade into your DX Saber Hilt (handle) and screw the small screws into the holes until they are nice and tight against the blade. Then you are ready to go!!

TURN ON SABER: Click the button and the saber will wake up and turn on immediately.  After this point you can also swing the saber in any direction to light it up!! 

If it does not ignite or turn on please charge it for 1 to 5 hours. If it still does not please contact customer service at  

CHANGE SOUND FONTS: While the saber is not lit, hold down the button for 2-3 seconds and let go and it will change to the next sound font indicated by the next character quote that is made by the saber. 

CHANGE COLORS: While the saber is lit up, hold the saber pointed up and hold down the button and turn your wrist to the right and it will activate the color change wheel mode.  You can now rotate the saber 360 degrees and as you do it will change colors like a color wheel.  Once you have the color you want hold the saber still and click the button to save the color and close color change mode. This is also how you get to the rainbow mode!!!

THEME MUSIC: While saber is not on hold down the button for 3-4 seconds and let go and you will hear theme music. Change the sound font to turn it off. 

BLASTER REFLECTION EFFECT: While the saber is lit, click the button one time for a blaster reflection effect!

LIGHTSABER FLASH ON CLASH EFFECT: When the lightsaber experiences contact it will emit a noise and a point on the blade where there is an impact showing flash on clash.

LOCKUP (LIGHTSABER AGAINST LIGHTSABER EFFECT): When the lightsaber is lit, hold the button down and the lightsaber will create a lockup effect upon impact and keep the button held to continue the effect! To release the effect just release your finger from the button.

TIP DRAG: When the lightsaber is lit, hold the button down and drag the blade on the floor to create a tip drag effect!!!

TURN OFF: When the lightsaber is lit, hold the button down for about 5 seconds until it becomes not lit, or you can just twist your wrist to the right or left and it will turn off! 

SLEEP MODE: When the lightsaber is NOT lit, after about 10 minutes the lightsaber will automatically go into sleep mode to begin conserving battery. 


If you want to upload your own sound fonts, unscrew the handle part of the saber to reveal the micro usb port and you can take out the SD card so you can upload your own sound fonts to your lightsaber. 

If you still cannot get to your core - please unscrew the two screws keeping the core in place, then just take your blade and use it to slide your core out so that you can get to the SD CARD.  Once you have finished your sound font changes, put the SD card back into the slot and slide the core back into its place where the button and charging port are aligned.  Plug the charger into the saber and pull up and then screw the screws back in 

When you access the SD card, just copy all the files within the sound font folder that you want to add to your lightsaber and go into one of the folders that exist on the SD card.  Delete all of the files within that folder and then paste the files from the sound font you would like to add to your lightsaber into this folder.  

Then VOILA!  You have the sound font you want onto your lightsaber and have replaced one that existed with the new one you wanted to add to your lightsaber.  

Please let us know if you are having any difficulties at all and we are more than happy to walk you through this or we can even do it for you - 

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